Chief Officer [Старший помощник]

Шевченко Дмитрий
Дата рождения: 02.12.1986, 32 года
Мурманск, Россия
Английский: Продвинутый
Шевченко Дмитрий
О себе
     Last company where I worked was Linter LLC. I worked as Chief Officer on the panamax bulk carrier vessel in the Mediterranean sea and the Black Sea. Basically, we carried corn between Russians ports Kavkaz, Novorossiysk to Arabian ports throw Suez Channel. Besides, we repaired all contraction parts of the ship in the Sefine Dry Dock in the Yalova Shipyard in Turkey.
      Before my last contract  I worked was Norilsk Nickel during one and half year. I was as Chief Officer on the cargo genera/container vessel with ice class. The ship had navigation in  high ice condition in according to northern  ice route in the Barents Sea, the White Sea, Kara sea  Yenisei Gulf and Ob Gulf. The ship was built in Wismar in Germany in 2008. The gross tonnage of the ship is 16994 tons, the  type of propulsion is  «Azipod»  with two post of navigation on bridge by forward and aft in high ice. Besides, we transported cargo from Murmansk to Archangelsk and Dudinka , Sabetta,  the ship transported different type of  cargo sometimes from Murmansk to Hamburg, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
We carried different type of general cargo such as steel materials and steel pipes, paper in rolls, containers ( 20 and 40 tons), refrigerators, cars, cargo cars, pipes, landing gear for air plane, tractors, small living houses for workman, big metallic parts for building construction, mineral resources refined on factory and so on. I worked as  Chief Officer and carried out duties such as:
- Safety officer ( controlling  and maintaining  all safety equipment and condition of the vessel , correction muster list and crew drills cards , organize ship drills, monthly LSA company form, all safety convention sertificates, passed annual inspection of all safety equipment: liferafts,lifeboat,CO2 fire extinguishing system, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, lifejackets, life breathing apparatus, fireman outfit, fire detection systems, gas analyzer, Man Over board lifebuoys, Search and rescue transporter, emergency beacon and others )
- Controlling  for garbage condition, sorting and discharging in the port and  at sea, burning garbage in the incinerator, full garbage record book.  
( plastic, rag, paper, bottles, cooking oil,food waste, ash from incinerator and so on)
- Control and record sewage water in sewage record book.
- Cargo Officer ( carrying out ballast operations, controlling stability, loading/discharging operation, using ships drawnings tables for cargo operation, controlling drafts in according to cargo plan, inspection and cleaning cargo holds, placing and fixing cargo in the cargo deck, operations with hatch covers of the hold, opening hold and tween deck ,operations with the heating system during low temperatures about minus 35  and  40 degrees, carrying out cargo safety check list, pre-cargo operations checklist, list of contidion of cargo holds, stowage plan )
- Controlling sanitary ships conditions.( Control for cleaning ships rooms, ships offices, corridors, passed sanitary inspection in the ports , weekly sanitary inspection, updating sanitary certificates. )  
- Provision Ships Officer ( storage and booking ships provisions for voyage, calculating consumption rate for each crew member, carrying out monthly production form and sending to accounting company officer )
- Organizing and conducting monthly ships safety meeting .
-Organizing and conducting ships drills , after finishing discussion.
- Carrying out monthly and quarterly materials requisitions .
-Carrying out Risk Assesment, Work Hot Permit, Permit to work ( Enclosed Rescue Space),
Near-Miss Investigation Report.
-Carrying out photo  reports of condition of the ship.
-Acknowledging passengers  with ships safety and  provide them good staying on board  during voyage.
-Ships medical officer ( responsible for all ship’s medicines, for all medical equipment , rendering first medical assistance , medical crews certificates, filling up monthly medical ships forms ).
-Conrolling for fresh water drinking supply.
-Carrying out ecological counting for company.
-Carrying out ships inventory list in the end of month and send to company office.
-Responsible for ships drawnings , fire plans and drills plans.
-Navigation in high ice condition during low temperatures.
-Carrying out security duties in the port in according to the security plan.
-Carrying out pre arrival documents.
-Controlling  condition micro climate of the ship .

Besides, I have studied at the navigational faculty in the ”Murmansk State Technical University” for 5 and one half years. It was interesting and useful for me to recognize how the international shipping developed, cooperated and made progress during last twenty years. Besides i have got big professional opportunities for keeping watch and necessary knowledge for safety steering vessel in accordance with international rules and conventions.
As for me, I have passed the course of training in accordance with the national requirements and requirements of the STCW convection at the training  northern center  and in the ”MSTU” in 2014 in Murmansk. Besides i passed the course (STCW con.) of training for Chief Officer in regional center of ”Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy” in Murmansk.
I have always been on friendly terms with colleagues. It have always described me as sociable and positive person who inspires own surrounding of team and wishes to study something new from other people.
    I am sure with experience as able chief officer that I can promote to make progressive and propitious development of your company. These best forms that creates professional and good job are understanding and cooperation with crew members.

    It would be nicely to become part of your team.
    Ready for working:   29.08.2017

    Best regards Dmitrii Shevchenko     Supplement: Application  , Certificates and  Diploma.
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