ETO [Электромеханик]

Булгаков Егор Валерьевич
Дата рождения: 15.09.1981, 38 лет
Севастополь, Россия
Английский: Продвинутый
Булгаков  Егор Валерьевич
О себе
I'm an ETO with 6 years experience in offshore fleet.
I have experience on different type of vessels, diesel-electric
propulsion system, azimuth thrusters.
I have all essential documents for offshore e.t.c DP maintenance for ETO
and DP log book.
Have experience with different kind of AMS , PMS ,PLC control and
electronic systems. Siemens, WAGO,
Allen Bradley , ABB , Mitsubishi , Kongsberg K Pos/ConverteamPLCs ,
Control and maintenance all electrical equipment on board: main engine
control, alarm and safety system, maintenance and repair automatic
system of Engine room (fuel system, water system, ballast system).
Troubleshooting and repair if necessary pumps, electrical/pneumatic valves.
Maintenance electrical equipment by "Task Assistant" - software for
schedule work.
Keep all power supply system in work condition.
Weekly test of fire alarm system, repair in necessary.
Troubleshooting  with dynamic position system.
Weekly checking emergency system: Emergency generator, emergency
battery's set, lifeboat.
Assist Chief engineer and Second engineer in urgent job.
In cause of special equipment on board (cranes, deck mechanism) keep all
in work condition, maintenance and repair.
Marlins test 92%
More than 750 days in seaman's book.
I'm currently looking for job, and open for offers.
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