Ponomarenko Oleksandr
Birthday: 24.02.1982, 37 years
KHerson, Ukraine
English: Advanced
Ponomarenko Oleksandr
Dear Recruiters,

    I am 34 y.o. Ukrainian Master Mariner with over 24 month pure experience on DSV in rank involved in air & mixed gas diving & ROV operations. I also have a good working experience on SDP-21 Kongsberg and 4-point mooring systems. I have been engaged in diving/ROV inspections and supply operations in the Persian Gulf, oil /gas pipes trenching and accommodation projects in Bengal bay and in the Gulf of Guinea. Having good maneuvering  skills, perfect knowledge of English and good Spanish languages. Looking for stable job in reliable company.

     I identify myself as responsible, well organized, hard-working, easy learning, communicable, honest and persistent person without bad habits, having good practical knowledge of ISM System, without pilot port entry and shifting experience. Few times carried out the dry dock.
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