Seamen [Матрос]

Черных Эдуард Геннадьевич
Дата рождения: 11.09.1975, 44 года
Старая Русса, Россия
Английский: Начальный
О себе
Good afternoon,
I am an AB Seaman. Two last contracts of Bulk Carrier and RO - RO. I have all packages of documents and certificates.
Аs I am a qualified experienced driver following technology:
-Toyota forklifts with lifting capacity 1.5; 4; 7; 10 TN
-The "Squid", "Val′met" has a lifting capacity of 16 tons and 25 tons
-"Sisu" lifting capacity 32 tons
-Tractor-loader "Komatsu", "Loaders"
-port "Terberg", the "Squid"
-truck "Svertak" carrying capacity of 9 tons
-"Reach stacker" carrying 42 tons
-forklift "Terex" capacity 45 TN
-tractor Т-150, К-700, Т-130.
English middle.  
Willing to consider your offer.

[email protected]

Ready to consider all suggestions with a salary no less than 1500 USD.
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