2nd Engineer [Второй механик]

Маслов Михаил
Дата рожения: 18.04.1979, 40 лет
Рыбинск, Россия
Английский: Выше среднего
Дата окончания диплома: 25.12.2020
Диплом свыше 3000 кВт: Да
Наличие танкерного подтверждения: Да
Танкерное подтверждение: подтверждение газы/эксплуатация, подтверждение нефть/управление, подтверждение химия/управление
Наличие визы: Американская, Шенгенская
Минимальная зарплата: 9500$
Маслов Михаил
О себе
Employed of 3rd Eng from 2007 year in another companies such as Lukoil KalininghradMorNeft, Palmali Shipmanagement Co Ltd, Admibros shipmanagement Co Ltd, SCF Unicom, InterOrient Navigation Company Spb.

At the moment in rank of 3rd engineer, I look for job of 2nd engineer by reason too long time delay of promotion (Licence of 2nd Engineer received in 2015 year) and absence of free vacancy. I have 5 recommendation for promotion to next rank - 2nd engineer from different chief engineers and superintendants in last company.

Average evaluation in performance reports is 4.5 (without 3).

I have experience of overhauling and  planned maintenance: cargo system "Framo" and steam turbines,  ME - "MAN B&W 6S50 and 6S70", AE - "MAN B&W", "Wartsila", "Himsen", AB - "Aalborg", "Saacke".

Also I have experienсe preparing and sucsfull passing vetting inspection in status 2nd Engineer.
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