2nd Engineer [Второй механик]

Михайлюк Сергей
Дата рождения: 12.07.1975, 44 года
Английский: Выше среднего
Михайлюк Сергей
О себе
Dear  prospective employer,

I’m offshore engineer Sergiy Mykhaylyuk, 41 years old, working in offshore since 2001 till

present time. Holder of CoC of 1st class engineer (Unlimited).  During my seagoing offshore

experience  I was working in position as a third engineer, second engineer and chief

engineer on AHTS DP2, AHTS DP1,  AHTS, EERV, Tugboat, Floating Crane, Diving

vessel, Fast Crew/Supply and Flueler with servicing  of main engines: MAK, Niigata,

Sulzer, Wartsila, Caterpillar, Russian Diesel. Auxiliary engines: Sulzer, Cummins,

Caterpillar, Deitz, Russian Diesel. In position as a second engineer since 2007. There are

experiences of repairing works. All documents are available.

DP vessel  is more preferable, but not essential.  Priority will be given to permanent

contracts   Salary and duration of contract are negotiable.

It is best to reach me by e-mail: [email protected]  / [email protected] Skype: marimansam
or by cell phone: +7 (978) 704-18-75.  

Faithfully yours,

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