2nd Officer [Второй помощник]

Нургазиев Бахтияр Мухтарович
Дата рождения: 04.07.1986, 33 года
Астрахань, Россия
Английский: Средний
Минимальная зарплата: 4 000 USD
Нургазиев Бахтияр Мухтарович
О себе
I’m 31 years old, married, have two daughters. Served in Army for two years 2004-2006. After Army entered the Astrakhan River College at 2007. Graduated the College at 2010 with honors, red diploma. Working at river-sea from 2009 till present days. I wish get the job in foreign company. I’m hardy worker, able follow the discipline, always try to fill my knowledge, have good experience in OCIMF inspections, in dry-dock repairing. Currently working as Chief mate at river-sea company. Looking for the job as 2nd mate or Chief mate.
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