2nd Officer

Soltys Yuriy
Birthday: 03.03.1986, 33 years
Rovno, Ukraine
English: Upper intermediate
Availability of tanker confirmation: Yes
Tanker confirmation: chemical tankers endorsement/advanced, oil tankers endorsement/advanced, oil-chemical tankers endorsement/familiarization
Visa: American
Minimum Salary: 5 200
Soltys Yuriy
Seamans book, National passport,Travel passport, Liberia passport, Certificate of competency, Endorsement, GMDSS operator, Endorsement, Basic Safety Training STCW-95, Security training for seafarers with designated Security duties, Advanced Training in Fire Fighting, Medical Emergency - First aid, Proficiency in Survival craft, Bridge team and resource management, Radar Navigation-Operational Level, Operational use of electronic chart display and information system, Oil tankers Specialized Training, Oil Tanker Familiarition, Dangerous and Hazardous Substan, Chemical tankers specialized training.
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