2nd Officer, 3rd Officer [Второй помощник, Третий помощник]

Darsalia Levan Levanovich
Дата рождения: 03.07.1989, 31 год
Киев, Украина
Английский: Выше среднего
Наличие визы: Шенгенская
Минимальная зарплата: 2 500
Darsalia Levan Levanovich
О себе
Dear Sir or Madam,
I will be very grateful to you if you consider my candidacy for a vacancy of the second officer and the future captain within your company.
Let me introduce myself: I am 27 years old, of which nine years have been devoted to working at sea. I have no pernicious habits. I am an open person by nature, and I can easily get along with anyone; I am honest, goal-oriented and responsive. My values are, first of all, safety of people with whom I work, the ability to compromise, confidence and respect to people. During my free time, I go in for sports. I am a master of sports in karate.
In 2011, I graduated from Kyiv State Maritime Academy majoring in Navigation. During 2008-2013, I worked on board of river-sea passenger vessels. The vessels cruised along the Dnipro River and in the Black Sea carrying passengers from Europe and the USA. I was a fire fighting sailor and was in charge of fire safety on board. Later on, I worked as a helmsmen and kept the underway bridge watch. I also helped the second officer with chart and publication correction.
In 2014, I started working on board of the Adriana Passenger Ship in the position of a steering man. The ship went on the Black Sea cruises. When my contract was expiring, I was offered to occupy the position of the 3rd officer. As a result, I prolonged my contract. In June 2015, our ship left the Black Sea for the Caribbean Sea. Together with the 2nd officer, I was involved in the planning of this voyage.
I had the following functional duties as the third officer: navigation watch, maintenance of fire fighting and rescue equipment, keeping of logbooks and port books, assistance to the first officer in conducting life drills and safety meetings, and preparation of receipt and payment books. After my contract of the third officer of the Adriana Passenger Ship had expired, and having positive feedbacks of the captain and the Chief officer, I underwent the respective attestation and continued on this ship as the second officer.
My functional duties in the position of the second officer included planning of the ship’s voyages from one port to another, preparation of the ship to enter and leave the port, testing of GMDSS equipment and keeping of the respective books. I was involved in docking operations, both on the forecastle and on the quarter, and was in charge of medical and hospital issues. I did not have any reprimands during numerous inspections conducted by the Port State Control, the Flag State, vetting inspections, internal and external audits, terminal inspections.
When in the Caribbean Sea, our vessel went on cruises around the Caribbean islands (Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Barbados). The ship often approached islands having no ports and piers. In such cases, we used boats to put passengers ashore or on board. Being a boat crew chief was good experience to me which gave me skills of how to act in dangerous and abnormal situations.
My English is good and have good computer skills. I have always worked as part of mixed crews consisting of people of different nationalities and religious beliefs. I always try to smooth things over during my service and communications, both with subordinates and the management. I am able to know my way around in difficult, dangerous and emergency situations quickly and in a correct way. During any serious ship operations (docking, towing, anchoring and other exacting operations), I always try to get my subordinates familiarised with relevant instructions to minimise possible risks.
In late 2016, I completed the preliminary courses and was awarded a diploma of a first officer. I constantly improve my professional skills.
I would like to work for a reputable company, which responsibly treats its sailors and where I will be able to show myself to good advantage and self-actualise. After signing the contract, I guarantee to irreproachably perform all its conditions and all requirements pertaining to my position.
I shall examine all your offers as consisted with my experience and accreditation.
I am ready to answer all the questions you may be interested in at any time.
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