2nd Officer, 3rd Officer [Второй помощник, Третий помощник]

Levchuk Artem
Дата рождения: 18.12.1989, 29 лет
Одесса, Украина
Английский: Выше среднего
Наличие визы: Шенгенская, Американская
Минимальная зарплата: 1 $ per month
Levchuk Artem
О себе
Im Artem, born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine
We are 4 in my family. My father is an upscale plummer
and my mother is a businesswoman. I have 3 siblings.

In 2009 I’ve finished Odessa maritime college of fishing industry and got a diploma with Honors of junior-specialist navigator.

My strengths are hardworker, self-disciplined I am a good team player as well as has a good ability to lead the team. I can adapt to any kind of environment. I am a good listener and quick learner. Able to render assistance not only to my relatives, but also to my colleges.
My short term goal is I want a such area where I can grow my career along with the organization growth like yours and
My Long term goal is I want to be one of the reason for the success of the organization and I want to see your organization as a bench mark to other organizations.

The person who inspired me a lot is my father. He advised me to work at sea to discover my full potential and thirst for travel

Since the end 2008 I have been working at sea: began like deck cadet. For today I hold a rank of 2off. In this appointment I’ve been working already 3 contracts. Last contract was on Panamax bulk carrier with 7 holds and without cranes.
Trading area was Black, Mediterranean, Yellow, south East China Sea. Also have got a big experience to sail in North, Baltic, red seas and Persian Gulf.
Cargo was variety of grain, fertilizer and a couple of oars.
My usual job was preparing voyage planning, keeping nav watch, assistance in preparation of cargo plans and monitoring of cargo operations. Also was appointed onboard as ship security officer and was responsible to the Captain for all security matters
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