2nd Officer, DP Officer

Moldavtsev Oleksandr
Birthday: 07.12.1990, 29 years
Odessa, Ukraine
English: Upper intermediate
Minimum Salary: 5 100
Ready to deliver immediate and long-lasting results as next 2nd Officer. I am confident that my significant career is a perfect match for your needs. With more than 5 years of experience in offshore supply operations and construction fields, I am eager to explore this opportunity with you.

Currently accountable for 2nd Officer JDPO on-board of offshore vessel in the maritime industry. I hold the responsibility for Second Officer. Having advanced through a number of specialised roles, you will quickly note the strength and scope of my abilities upon reviewing my CV.

The following examples from my CV represent the value I can deliver in this new role:
• Utilise an effective approach in leasing vessel for Hyundai Heavy Industries based on last stage of Chevron LQP and NWP Platforms construction with total POB over 160 persons, comprising Danish, Irish, Australian, Ukrainian, Nigerian, British and USA crew. Efficiently manage construction activities and functions on-board for optimal results.
• Operate as Second Officer to supervise activities related to deck as Officer of Watch (OOW) on a regular basis.
• Expertise in loading/ back loading of cargo, fuel and fresh water along with transfer equipment and cargo from platform and supply vessel.

Sincerely interested in further exploring this opportunity, I propose we arrange a time for us to meet, where we can discuss your needs and my background in detail. Until then, thank you for your consideration.
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