3rd Engineer

Sadykov Aleksandr
Birthday: 27.05.1973, 46 years
Odessa, Ukraine
English: Intermediate
Diploma in excess of 3000 kW: Yes
Minimum Salary: 4 000
Basic safety training and instruction.Date of expire 28,03,2016. Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats.Date of expire 25.03.2016. Advanced fire fighting.Date of expire 25.03.2016. Medical first aid on board ship.Date of expire 14.03.2016. Training for personnel serving on passenger ships other then ro-ro passenger ships .Date of expire 18.03.2016. Training for personnel serving on ro-ro passenger ships.Date of expire 14.03.2016. Carriage of dangerous and hazardous substances.Date of expire 28.03.2016. Securitu-related training instruction for all seafarers (awareness training).Date of expire 15.01.2019.
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