Motorman, Engine Cadet [Моторист, Кадет,Машина]

Zhelezniak Aleksandr Olegovich
Дата рождения: 28.04.1994, 25 лет
Краснодар, Россия
Английский: Средний
Наличие танкерного подтверждения: Да
Танкерное подтверждение: подтверждение нефть-химия/эксплуатация
Наличие визы: Американская
Zhelezniak Aleksandr Olegovich
О себе
I’m 23 years old. I was born in Akhtubinsk, the Astrakhan region. I was born on April, 28th, 1994.

I graduated from  the Maritime state university in 2016. I worked on board such kinds of vessels as the oil product tanker and a multi-purpose vessel. I have an operational experience two contracts as the engine cadet. My the first big training was on board the tanker. My duties included service of some auxiliary mechanisms, such as: fresh water generator, incinerator, sewage treatment plant, aux. boiler. I was the assistant to the fourth engineer, also I served deck mechanisms such as: cargo and provision cranes and winches. Our vessel operated at Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean, the Mexican gulf.

During my last contract I worked on board a dry-cargo vessel. My duties included service of all engine room and a deck, winches, gentry crane, provision crane, all pumps, disel generator, main engine, fresh water generator, compressors. I was the assistant to the second engineer. Our vessel operated in Mediterranean sea, Atlantic ocean, bay of Biscay, Black sea.

For an operating time has on board proved as disciplined, independent and responsible. I always perform the work in time and practically without any remarks. I am good seaman.
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