Boatswain / Bosun [Боцман]

Дата рожения: 12.08.1972, 46 лет
Одесса, Украина
Английский: Средний
Наличие визы: Американская, Другое
Минимальная зарплата: 1 500 USD
О себе
I AM THE MIROSHNIK RUSLAN. I AM A BOSUN / CRANE OPERATOR. I live in Ukraine in the sea city of Odessa.
As you will see from the attached summary. I have experience in the sea and navigation in collaboration.
I would like to use my skills and experience, as well as my passion for learning and learning. In addition, I would like to work with other professionals to improve my skills.
I will be proud that you hired aboard their good ships. I can assure you that for my part I will do everything to justify your trust. And we are doing our best to fulfill their trust and exceed their expectations.
If you contact me (+38063) 0282061, (+38067) 1066965 or you can send a message to my mailbox at [email protected] FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME
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