Chief [Старший электромеханик]

Суховей Владимир Александрович
Дата рожения: 15.09.1968, 50 лет
Владивосток, Россия
Английский: Выше среднего
Наличие визы: Американская, Шенгенская
Минимальная зарплата: 5 500 USD
О себе
Position   -   Electrical Engineer

Present I am engaged in job search. From its part I would like to offer you the nominee on a pos. Electrical Engineer
All my data you can to see in applied Appl Form.
About myself I can tell the following:
• Had an operational experience Electrical Engineer only in the mixed crews  and as consequence confidently I know English both colloquial and technical. Freely own the computer.
• Easily we train a various kind technical the program and to appendices.
• No bad habits I have.
• Easily I adapt in any collective. I concern with the big respect for various nationalities and creeds. Had no never case onboard a vessel connected with my professional knowledge and the relation to the official duties.
I am completely confident the forces and will make the maximum efforts to prove as the competent expert with responsible to work.
More than I will become assured that by a valuable active of the company employed me.
I will be grateful to any offer on work. In any way convenient for you to communicate with me if my nominee interests you. Aspiration to work and be the demanded expert huge.

Kind Regards
Sukhovei Vladimir

New building experience

20.11.2016-06.01.2017  Wei Hai shipyard Oldendorff Office, China
 Position: Electrical Engineer
 Vessel type: Lily Oldendorff (Bulk vessel/MAN B&W 5S 50 ME-B9.3) /RINA
 Flag: Malta
 Shipyard: AVIC Shipyard, Wei Hai, China.
 Main responsibilities:

Delivery vessel during Shipyard. . Sea going on board for detect problems of electrical and mechanical equipment on the vessel, arrange documents, spare parts . Observation, test, adjust and repaired all mechanical equipment’s on board with part for machinery.
- Correction and preapproval drawings for mechanical and automation systems of the vessel according specification and rules.
- Continuously control during installation of mechanical equipment and contact with shipyard team-leaders and design department for discussion and resolving problems.
- Patrolling supervision and preparation of reports during building of the vessel .
- Inspections for installation of all mechanical and electrical equipment and commissioning of all electrical, mechanical automation of machinery and navigation equipment of the vessels.
- Sea trials, and Delivery of the vessels.
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