Chief Officer [Старший помощник]

Bessarab Pavel Borisovich
Дата рождения: 11.03.1965, 54 года
Кишинёв, Молдова
Английский: Выше среднего
Минимальная зарплата: 4 000
Bessarab Pavel Borisovich
О себе

VESSEL TYPE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN (please list in order of priority)
1. Deep-Sea tug
4 - 6 months
MINIMUM SALARY EXPECTATION (please quote in ? or US$)
Please enter monthly salary consolidated of any leave pay (inclusive of leave pay), Please enter MINIMUM in order we can forward your CV for all offering above that (please enter realistic figure)
From 4000 and more…
1.I send to you a letter of reference from my last Chartering
2.My Towing experience :
Salvage and Towage : 25.08.2003-15.11.2003, Karachi – Pakistan, Salvage tug “SB-408” 3150 G.R.T., HP 7000, tanker “Tasman-Spirit” 50000G.R.T.

Salvage and Towage 17.04.2004 -10.05.2004, tug “Nikolay Chiker” 5000 G.R.T., HP 42000 Towage – Bulk Carrier “Cape Africa”, 100000 DWT. Towage – Indian Ocean – Nacala (Mozambique).// Salvage and Towage 12.09.2004 - 20.09.2004, tug “Nikolay Chiker” 5000 G.R.T., HP 42000 Towage – Bulk Carrier full cargo, weight of vessel approx “Glob Africa”, 100000 DWT. Towage, from “SMIT” company – Indian Ocean – road of Cape Town.
Salvage and Towage – Ratnagiri (India) – Ajman (UAE), 15.10.2006 – 12.11.2006, Salvage tug “SB-408” 3150 G.R.T., HP 7000, tow LPG/C “Kew Bridge”, 16228 DWT; // 01.11.2006 – 05.01.2007, Salvage tug “SB-408” 3150 G.R.T., HP 7000, tow Floating Dock “AL Rafaa” Displacement 8056t,L.O.A.139.50m. N.R.T.2417t, Towage – Suez – Qatar / Mesaieed;

Salvage and Towage Dubai – Ajman (UAE)- Qatar / 21.04.2007 – 21.02.2008, Salvage tug “Seaways-5” 3112 G.R.T., HP 7000, tow and watch ships UAE.
Please note information given in this sheet is only for our use, and will not be passed to any company. This information will assist us in finding suitable employment for yourself
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