Chief Officer [Старший помощник]

Savchenkov Alexander Alexandrovich
Дата рождения: 01.02.1962, 57 лет
Владивосток, Россия
Английский: Выше среднего
Минимальная зарплата: 5700 $ per month
О себе
My full name is Alexander Aleksandrovich Savchenkov . I apply for the job in the rank of the Chief Officer. I was born on the 01st of February in 1962 in the Ukraine .I have special marine and not full high education . I graduated from Tallin Marine Collage in 1982 with specialty “Navigation” I have all necessary certificates . My working experience as a seafarer is 26 years .
As to my personality I am responsible, diligent, steady and disciplined. I am a demanding Officer to my subordinated ratings as to maintaining Deck Department and equipment in good working order. I support anti-alcohol and anti-drug policy. I don’t use alcohol. I have appraisal forms from previous Company.
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