Мовзалевский Ян Анатольевич
Birthday: 05.05.1967, 53 years
Saratov, Russia
English: Advanced
Visa: Schengen
Minimum Salary: 1 USD
Мовзалевский Ян Анатольевич
Master AHTS / Tug / Ro-Ro / Tanker. DP Induction, BOSIET, HUET, AZIPOD Propulsion system. Schengen (US Visa C1D / UK - expired) Tanker endorsement — Oil/Chem Management Tanker experience — from bunker barge up to VLCC — trading area All World. STBL and Lightering vessel in Gulf of Mexico — Galveston / South West Pass Lightering areas, Loop Terminal and from Corpus Cristi to Baton Rouge and Mobile. Tug — Escort, Mooring, Towing. Ro-Ro — trading area — Turkish. AHTS — Work in Project PAO NOVATEK in Murmansk (Belokmenka) LNG Construction Centre PipeLaying Barge "Defender" — MRTS / Work in Project. Towing Barge with Self Elevating Platform C-724 / safety support of Platform construction / Towing Platform C-724 In service as crew boat, as well. Apply for reference: Project Fleet Manager: Zuev Sergey. Mob.Phone: +7 9210076496 By the way, also towing Barge on Line Vyborg — Gdansk 10500 mt — Coal & St/Petersburg — Arkhangelsk -Barge "MH - 4002"  K*R2-RSN(4,5) Oil tanker (ESP) Gasoil 4338 mt Trading area — Baltic, North,  Norwegian, Barents, White seas.    Mob.Phone: 7 917 022 4830   E-mail: [email protected]
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