Cook [Повар]

Akimov Oleg
Дата рождения: 31.01.1967, 52 года
Калининград, Россия
Английский: Продвинутый
Akimov Oleg
О себе
I wish to obtain a stable job in maritime industry, offhore, oil and gas industry or others as a CAMP BOSS/Head of catering, chief
cook, cook or other positions In relation to my acquired skills.
  Please see attached my CV.
Fluent in ENGLISH. Good knowledge of Italian, French, American and most European cousins and others. I lived and worked in Canada for 9 years, working in different restaurants there, including WESTIN Hotel for two years. 18 years of culinary experience, and 12 years of sea-going experience, mostly with mixed crews and English-spoken as Camp Boss, Catering Manager, Steward, Chef, cook. Extensive knowledge in all areas of restaurants, catering department on different types of vessels, oil rigs, fields and hotel operations. Exceptional ability to lead staff, organise and coordinate activities. Experienced in planning menus, dinners and other events, budgeting, inventory, purchasing, computer skills, analysing the needs of a client, administrative skills and some accounting. I have got recommendation letters from senior superiors of recognisable companies as well.
I do have Schengen Visa.
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