Cook [Повар]

Уманцив Александр Васильевич
Дата рождения: 16.07.1992, 27 лет
Одесса, Украина
Английский: Элементарный
Уманцив Александр Васильевич
О себе
I would be grateful if you would consider my candidacy for the position Cook, and in the future Chef in your company.
To me of 25 years without bad habits, there is 1 child.
In 2015 I studied at the Courses on Trade and Services in the specialty "Cook".
In 2017 I finished the courses of the ship's cook. RSC Training Center.
I know Ukrainian, Russian, European, American, Asian, vegetarian and diet cuisine.
I have an average knowledge of English, including marine terminology. I'm sure the PC user.
About myself: I am responsible, prompt person. I prefer to keep the smooth and business relationship with the staff. I react adequately for remarks and notifications. I am calm and easy going by my nature. I am always ready to fulfill the task
I continually improve my professional skills by using different sources of information, courses, learning new trends and innovative technologies.
I do not have bad habits; I do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and do not take any drugs. I do not have any criminal records, chronic diseases, body piercing, and tattoos.
I keep respectful attitude to all religions and belong to the Orthodox Christian religion.
What is important to me: first, the safety of people with whom I work, the strict observation and keeping of sanitary-epidemiological norms. I think I am a person ready for a compromise, I appreciate the trust and respect for each other.
My priorities: career growth, mutual understanding with the people and the company in which I work.
I want to work in a decent company with a responsible attitude to seafarers where I can show my best working skills and attitude to work.
I would like to pursue a career in the sea for the benefit of your company. I will consider any of your suggestions and answer all your questions.

  You can contact me at any time:
E-mail: [email protected]
Skype:  umanciv123
Mobile: +38093 996 10 17
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