Solovyova Iryna Semyonovna
Birthday: 19.07.1973, 46 years
Kiliya, Ukraine
English: Upper intermediate
Availability of tanker confirmation: Yes
Tanker confirmation: chemical tankers endorsement/advanced, oil tankers endorsement/advanced, oil-chemical tankers endorsement/familiarization
Minimum Salary: 1 500
Solovyova Iryna Semyonovna
Good day!

I am looking for cook or stewardess position.

My name is Iryna Solovyova, 40 y.o. I live in Ukraine.

I have experience on dry cargo and tanker ships as

cook and stewardess from 2004 year and good English.

I have all valid certificates including tanker`s


Also I have expirience in the offshore vessel

and yacht as stewardess.

I`m very energetic, sociable and unconflict.

Redy to work on any type of vessels.

Best regards,

Solovyova Iryna.
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