Hushchyn Yevhenii
Birthday: 01.09.1985, 34 years
KHerson, Ukraine
English: Upper intermediate
Minimum Salary: 900
Hushchyn Yevhenii
SEAMEN S IDENTIFICATION CARD UKRAINE â„– AB277828 Date of issue 20.09.2005.Date of expiriy 09.08.2015.Y.V.PASSPORT UKRAINE â„– PO366459. Date of issue 06.05.2006 .Date of expiriy 06.05.16.CERTIFICATE â„–00082/2011/11 .ENDORSMENT â„– 00082/2011/11 blank of Fourth class ship\ cook.Date of expiriy 20.12.2018 .CERTIFICATE â„– 14188 BASIC SEFETY TRAINING AND INSTRUCTION. Date of issue 20.12.2013. .Date of expiriy 20.12.2018 .CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY â„– 379 Date of issue 20.12.2013.Date of expiriy 20.12.18.CERTIFICATE ISO â„– 6028/MPS Date of issue 13.12.2013..Date of expiriy 13.12.2018 Medikal Cerficate of Seamen â„– 020523 K-N Date of issue 26.12.2013..Date of expiriy 26.12.2014..
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