Deck Cadet [Кадет,Палуба]

Бондаренко Павел Сергеевич
Дата рожения: 14.03.1999, 19 лет
Одесса, Украина
Английский: Продвинутый
Желаемая зарплата: 300 USD
Бондаренко Павел Сергеевич
О себе
I can work as Deck Cadet. I know English – Good.

I have valid biometrical travel passport

Exp. on Passenger ship.


Currently a second-year cadet at Ukrainian National University «Odessa Marine Academy», navigator engineer.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Carrier Objective:

To gain valuable practical experience in the field of seafaring and possible further employment in your company after graduation from the Academy.

Summary of the Skill Set:

- Strong communication and interpersonal skills;

- Ability of multi-tasking;

- Ability to follow instructions as well as to work on my own initiative;

- Enthusiastic about learning new things and obtaining professional experience.

I have all documents and medicine.

I need any work from 03.04.2018. Min. salary - negotiable

Mob.: +380932619733


Best regards,

Pavlo Bondarenko
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