Deck Cadet [Кадет,Палуба]

Дата рождения: 30.05.1999, 20 лет
Одесса, Украина
Английский: Средний
О себе
Hello there!

I'm third-year cadet of navigation department of the Odessa Maritime
College of Fishing Industry named afther Alexey Solyanik. My full name
is Daniil Kyrychenko and fathers is name Yuriyovich. I'm eighteen and
I'm from Odessa, Ukraine. My phone number is +38(068)350-68-63.

I have 6 months experience at the PORT OF ODESA on the VSP TUG by name
"NOVATOR". Its IMO number: 8925359, Call Sign: UWQQ, date of build:
1982, and other information is in my Application Form  below.

But I need experience at sea on board of the ship, I'll agree with any
offers and any position on board. I need experience to obtain the rank
third officer and continue to studying at the National University
"Odessa Maritime Academy".

Below I attached my Application Form, Photo, certificates, national
license and other documents also I have ukrainian biometric travel
passport by which I can travel around Europe!

Best Regards, Daniil Kyrychenko!
Thank you for everything!
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