Deck Cadet [Кадет,Палуба]

Zaika Yuliia Sergiivna
Дата рождения: 15.04.1994, 25 лет
Одесса, Украина
Английский: Продвинутый
Минимальная зарплата: 300 $ per month
Zaika Yuliia Sergiivna
О себе
Basic safety training and instruction 0099/2012 ODESSA 20.01.2012 20.01.2017
Training of officers and ratings responsible for cargo handling on ships carrying dangerous and hazardous substances in solid form in bilk and in packaged form 1131/2013 ODESSA 27.11.2013 27.11.2018
Medical first aid on board ship 1014/2013 ODESSA 27.11.2013 27.11.2018
Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats 1480/2013 ODESSA 27.11.2013 27.11.2018
Advanced fire fighting 1238/2013 ODESSA 27.11.2013 27.11.2018
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