3rd Engineer [Третий механик]

Дата рожения: 06.03.1965, 53 года
Одесса, Украина
Английский: Продвинутый
Дата окончания диплома: 24.04.2020
О себе
My name is Eduard Tuman.
I am the 3rd Engineer, and also I have certificates 2nd motorman and welder.
I well know English (listening, reading, speaking and writing) and I successfully passed IELTS - International English Language Testing System.
Computer skills and knowledge: Advanced user, MS Office (Word, Excel, and so on). Moreover, I can repair and configure computers and office equipment.
Personal qualities: Resistance to stress, responsibility, fast learning, high efficiency, analytical mind.
Professional skills: I worked the Deck Mechanic for Inco Ships Pty Ltd and CSL Australia on self-unloading vessels. I be engaged in maintain and repair the ship discharging the complex.
In this position I had to carry out repair work on setting up the ship discharging complex, belts, hydraulic machines, gearboxes, pipelines, and also the engine B & W 12080 BHP. I held and filling the necessary documentation for the repair and commissioning such mechanisms. I made a responsible welding and precision turning. I was awarded a cash prize "Best Professional CSL»
Knowledge and skills: pneumatics, hydraulics, kinematics, mechanics, electricity, repair of electronics and communications.
I participated in and supervised the projects of modernization and introduction of new technologies in industrial production. I am able to quickly to understand with new and unfamiliar equipment, timely prevention of damage and failures of the ship equipment, as well as work as a team, to lead a team, to train colleagues and to learn myself. I can organize workflow.
All ship inspection I passed perfectly.
I have no bad habits.
I like sport.
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