Головизнин Александр Аркадьевич
Birthday: 30.12.1961, 58 years
Sevastopol, Ukraine
English: Intermediate
Availability of tanker confirmation: Yes
Tanker confirmation: chemical tankers endorsement/advanced, oil tankers endorsement/advanced, oil-chemical tankers endorsement/familiarization
Minimum Salary: 1 900
Chemical tanker specialized training, Crude oil washing, Oil tanker specialized training, Tanker familiarization, carriage of dangerous and hazardous substances, Advanced fire fighting, Inert gas system, Proficiency in survival and rescue boats, Basic safity training and instruction, Liquefied gas tankers specialized training
Есть паспорт Liberia, загранпаспорт, паспорт моряка, сертификат "желтая лихорадка"
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