Master [Капитан]

Мордвинов Женя
Дата рождения: 03.11.1974, 45 лет
Астрахань, Россия
Английский: Выше среднего
Мордвинов Женя
О себе
Good afternoon!

  At the moment my position is Master of seagoing tug "Nord" (1400 h/p) in company "Buksirovshik LTD". In the company work from 11.2015.
      Since 11.2007 on 11.2015 held the position of Marine Superintendent  in Lundin Petroleum Co (PetroResurs  LLC drilling company).  Reconnaissance drilling in Shallow- water conditions in the North of the Caspian Sea. My job duties included control of the basic modification of floating platforms under requirements of the project design and presenting the platforms to the Russian Maritime Register for approval and acceptance; coordination of towing operations; organization and control of the jack-up platforms and MDC elements sending to the site and their return to the port after the completion of drilling operations; organization of loading and delivery to the site of the drilling equipment and other supplies: work with the port authorities for registration of ships departures and arrivals; organization of general intermediate, preparatory works for maintenance of vessels and equipment on-shore; interaction with  ship-owners and supervision bodies.   Since 2006 to 2007experianced as Master of accommodation vessel 200+ POB.   Since 2002 to 2007 worked for dry cargo vessels as a cargo officer. Kind of cargo: containers, general cargo (timber, steel products, foods, fruits, drums, est.), cargo in bulk ( coal).Since 2001 to 2002 worked onboard  RO-RO (cargo-passenger vessel) as a passenger and cargo officer . Kind of cargo: tracks, lorries, cars, deck’s containers and different equipment.
    I am looking for job consider any offers.
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