Master [Капитан]

Дата рождения: 27.06.1957, 62 года
Москва, Россия
Английский: Продвинутый
О себе
Address: 4 Tverskaya St., com.84, Moscow, Russia Phone:+7 926 6968996,+7 495 6920626
Email: [email protected]
Dear HR managers
My name is Valeriy Zamyatin and I am contacting you in regards to a position as a Captain.
My maritime experience, along with my well-honed interest in working on the sea, make me a strong candidate for this position.
Since 1982 I have been working as a captain on various types of vessels, including general cargo, coasters, small container and multipurpose ships. My skills include the following:
• Well-skilled in using navigational aids at sea and sea-river going.
• Accustomed with AQUAMASTER equipment
Throughout my career I have proven to be a good leader capable of handling crucial situations in my crew. I always manage to build international crews, which are oriented on long-term commitment. In me, you will discover a reliable, disciplined, and extremely hard- working associate.
You will find my CV attached to this email. If you require additional information, please call me at +7 9266968996. I look forward to speaking further with you about how my skills can compliment your company.
Thank you for your time and consideration. Brgds
Valeriy Zamyatin
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