Master, Senior DPO [Капитан, SDPO]

Flora Sergiy
Дата рождения: 24.11.1971, 48 лет
Одесса, Украина
Английский: Выше среднего
Наличие визы: Шенгенская
Flora Sergiy
О себе
Dear All,
>My names Flora Sergiy, please consider my updated CV ,
>now Im looking a job as Master DPO.
>Have experience and approved working in RasLaffan
>with Qatar Gaz charter.
>English is good ( Marlin test: 96% )
>If you don’t have an open position which corresponds my
>qualification, please add my CV to your database of
>candidates to consider my candidature in the future.
>Ready for joining from 10.10.2017
>Thank you for your attention
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