Fomin Ivan Mikhailovich
Birthday: 04.06.1968, 51 years
St Petersburg, Russia
English: Advanced
Visa: Schengen
Minimum Salary: 5 000 USD
Fomin Ivan Mikhailovich
I have captain’s experience on container ships up to 2200 TEU; multipurpose/bulker/general cargo ships DWT upto 20000 mt and Ro-Ro cargo vessels with DWT upto 10000.
Trading areas:  Baltic, Northern, Mediterranean seas, West Africa, SE Asia from S.Korea to India, Northern America Atlantic coast and South America Pacific and Atlantic coasts.
Ice navigation in wintertime: Baltic, Azov, White seas.
Nationalities Worked With Philippines, Tanzania, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sri Lanka.
Crane experience – McGregor: 2 x 45 mt, 2 x 60 mt.
Loading program – BELCO, COLOS, MAX3, STATIKA.
Last two dry docks -Jan 2013/Antwerp; Aug 2007/Emden
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