Master [Капитан]

Fylyppov Oleh
Дата рождения: 20.08.1959, 60 лет
Херсон, Украина
Английский: Выше среднего
Минимальная зарплата: 4 000
О себе
Good day, Dear Sirs!
Age – 57
License – Master unlimited II/2
Experience – dry cargo, GC, tugs ( port’s operations,line towing , pushing by rigidly connection with
an barge more than 9000 DW as one unit ) 16 years as Master.
Areas of work - Atlantic Ocean, Pacific, Indian Oceans , Arabian , Mediterranean, Black, Azov seas,Taiwan, Singapore, Malacca Straits, Persian Gulf.
Highly responsible, hard-working , dedicated and sociable person. You can be sure I will be good on position Master.
With respect and best wishes
Master Fylyppov Oleg
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