Master [Капитан]

Baba-zada Zaur
Дата рождения: 24.01.1977, 42 года
Измаил, Украина
Наличие танкерного подтверждения: Да
Танкерное подтверждение: подтверждение химия/управление, подтверждение нефть/управление, подтверждение нефть-химия/эксплуатация
Минимальная зарплата: 4 500
Baba-zada Zaur
О себе
Dear All,
Good day.
Im a Captain with unlimited COC on ships 3000 GRT or more and working more than 10 years
in rank as Master on tankers,general cargo,ahts(osv,psv),containers and especially on dry cargo vessels.
Since 1997,after graduation from higher education with honor of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy till now working at sea & from 1998 started working at sea as an officer.I have an experienced with mixed crew more than 10 years.My trading areas-Worldwide:Atlantic ocean,
North sea,Adriatic sea,all Mediterranean sea,Black sea,Azov sea,Caspian sea,trading ports especially North & all European,North & West of Africans ports and etc...
My English level is fluent.I can speak in Russian and Turkish languages very well too.Im ready to work 100%.
I love difficult & hard jobs and to be on feet 24 hrs at any times.I am a reliable & hard-working specialist who takes his duties/responsibilities seriously concentrating on quality and details.Also by using my existing experience & knowledge I am very keen to develop new skills and learn new things to enhance my experience.I have no bad habits,non smoker,non drinker and Im an honest,industrious and diligent employee.
Before I worked on tankers vessels.Two contracts I have worked on Container vessels.As well as I worked 3 contracts in Caspian sea on AHTS(OSV,PSV) vessels which has done supply operations to oil rigs,platforms and towig barges etc...
If required any more information and if youre interested pls do not hesitate to contact with me and/or send a message.
Your prompt reply would be highly appreciated.Hope to see and hear good news from you.Thanks alot in advance.
I wish you every success in your entire life,good luck and success in you work.Have a nice day.
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