Savchenko Yegor Andreyevich
Birthday: 01.06.1990, 29 years
Kerch, Russia
English: Intermediate
Availability of tanker confirmation: Yes
Tanker confirmation: gas tankers endorsement/advanced, gas tankers endorsement/familiarization
Minimum Salary: 1 200
Savchenko Yegor Andreyevich
Passports / Smbk No. Date of issue Place of issue (country) Valid up

Seaman s book AB 375818 20/03/2008 Ukraine 20/03/2018
International passport EK 193406 15/05/2009 Ukraine 15/05/2019

Diplomas No. Date of issue Place of issue (country) Valid up
Rank First class motorman

Professional license 10043/2014/05 08/04/2014 Ukraine Unlimited

Certificates No. Date of issue Place of issue (country) Valid up

Basic Safety Training and Instruction 07548 17/07/2013 Ukraine 17/07/2018
Designated Security Duties 03099 30/01/2014 Ukraine 30/01/2019
Proficiency in Survival Craft and RB 05995 17/07/2013 Ukraine 17/07/2018
Basic training for liquefied GAS tanker 00658 18/10/2013 Ukraine 18/10/2018
Basic training for Oil and Chemical tanker 01354 18/10/2013 Ukraine 18/10/2018
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