Sanatarchuk Oleksandr
Birthday: 15.04.1991, 28 years
Odessa, Ukraine
English: Intermediate
Minimum Salary: 1 000
Qualified Motorman Certificate (Not valid for service in tankers and in passenger ships) and all documents as per STCW requirements for rating crew are available Im looking for company, which can give me a chance to improve myself as a professional and can advise me a good terms of work on position of oiler/motorman, and in future-as an 4thEngineere (after half a year I will received a degree as Bachelor of Engineering).I can characterize myself as very hardworking, reliable, purposeful and quick-witted. I am well formalized with the all types of machineries and can provide theirs uninterrupted and safety work. My English level is average and its sufficient for communication as well as for reading of technical literature.
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