Motorman [Моторист]

Волчок Андрей
Дата рождения: 06.08.1989, 30 лет
Севастополь, Россия
Английский: Начальный
Минимальная зарплата: 1 300
Волчок Андрей
О себе
Good day,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Volchok Andrey.
I am Motorman with Second class motorman CoC,
with extensive experience in Reefer vessel.
Also last 4 contracts I served on board Reefer vessel "Ieva Simonaityte"
in Baltlanta JSC Company.
I have valid Tanker COE in hands.
During the all time I have been working with international crew.
I am very hard working and extremely responsible employee.
Ready for any tasks!
Please if you have any job vacancies for position Motorman
do not hesitate contact me.
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