Seamen, Deck Cadet [Матрос, Кадет,Палуба]

Trynytko Oleksii Dmytro
Дата рождения: 25.08.1994, 25 лет
Одесса, Украина
Английский: Выше среднего
Наличие визы: Американская
Минимальная зарплата: 1 000
Trynytko Oleksii Dmytro
О себе
Ordinary Seaman or Deck Cadet Trynytko Oleksii - with US visa and experience

Good Day

Please consider my candidacy for Ordinary Seaman or Deck Cadet position. I`ve been working on container ship and general cargo vessels during last 2 years. I have a good English level.CES Test: 80% Marlins Test: 75% Sets Test +:80%.I`m a highly oraganized and perspective sailor. I have all of the skills to work in the sea, which I will directly show on board the ship. I'm study in marine educational establishment and want in the future to become a good watch officer. I'm very communicative and quickly train,without bad habbits. Also i have an excellent recommendation from the previous contract.
Ready for joining.

Thank you for your attention.
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