Nikonov Anton
Birthday: 14.12.1987, 32 years
Odessa, Ukraine
English: Upper intermediate
Availability of tanker confirmation: Yes
Tanker confirmation: gas tankers endorsement/advanced, gas tankers endorsement/familiarization
Visa: American
Minimum Salary: 1 200
Nikonov Anton
Im an expirieced Ordinary Seaman, five contracts in position(bulk carriers, containers) and one contract in a position of Able Seaman (LPG/C).

I have valid American Visa, Panama Documents and Marshal Island document.

I have two promotions for a position of Trird Officer, the last one was received in July 2017.

Im good at navigation and have experience at bridge watches. My English is good (MARLIN test 82%, CES 4.1 test 70%).

Im hard working, comunicative, calm and responsible.

Im looking for a position: OS, AB or Third Officer in start.
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