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All professionals in Maritime Industry are welcome to our Online source where everyone can develop their carrier and find excellent and the most up-to-date job from the Companies which are well-known all over the world. The Registration is free and no any hidden fee is involved. The opportunity to keep all Your documents in one place gives You an easy option to share them with Companies, as well as to monitor Your document’s expiration date and more important is that the System will keep You always up-to-date automatically.

The opportunity to be a part of this great project will serve as a platform of Business success and stands for the continuity of serving each Customer. With Online Database one’s may have a lot of various conforming to a high-standard applications of seafarers and it could be done simply Online, twenty-four hours per day.

The registration is very simple. Choose the right option which You may see above and pass all steps of application. Please pay attention to each field, as this information will be very essential for future business relationship between Shipowner and Seamen. After the final step of registration You will have the full access to this Project with all advantages and privileges. The only thing You have to do is to stay with us closely and we will do our best to justify the confidence reposed.

Our representative in Baltic

Baltic Shipping Services Ltd.

Batas street 2
Riga, LV-1058
Republic of Latvia

Crewing department

Tel.: +371 66 102 291

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+371 (66) 102-291