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About company

The Crewservices team consists of people who know everything about working at sea like no others and understand what candidates and employers are looking for.

We provide services of crew recruitment for all types of vessels, which is based on our extensive experience. We do this fast and good, as we are a great team and work consistently.

About company

Be sure that
we will provide you with:

  • Individual recruitment using our constantly updated database
  • Skilled interviews with candidates
  • Personal and professional assessment and rating of candidates
  • Professional training of your employees
Be sure that <br />we will provide you with:

Principle of work

The principle things for our company are:
only qualified specialists without bad habits, with good characteristics from previous jobs.

Principle of work

This is why we are chosen

  • Fast and high-quality
  • Mobile app
  • Our own training
    training center for
    training of seafarers

We have a Delta testing class. All employees of the company previously worked at sea. We have the FMS license for the employment of seafarers on ships under a foreign flag. We also have the Certificate of compliance with Regulation 1.4, Standard A1. 4 of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, issued by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

This is why we are

This is why we are chosen

The mission of our crewing company

To become a leading crewing company, dissolving the barrier between seafarers and shipowners.

The mission of our crewing company

Our working areas

We work with shipping companies all over the world
  • Due to Crewservices, more than 300 people found jobs in 2020< / li>
  • Our Maritime Training Center has trained more than 3,000 people
  • More than 300 people have successfully passed the Port Authority Maritime Administration exam after completing the Delta Test 3.0 (Convention Plus) course in our classroom
More than50 000people have filled in their Application Forms in our
More than1 000people
visit our website every day

Our working areasWe work with shipping companies all over the world

How we work

  • Conclusion of a contract with a shipping company
  • Receiving a request from the shipowner
  • Recruitment according to the required qualifications
  • Candidate competency check
  • Final interview with the candidate
  • Agreement with the shipowner
  • Conclusion of an employment contract
  • Providing visa and logistics support
  • Sending the seafarer to the ship
  • Confirmation of completing the application
How we work


  • What vessels do you select a crew for? For all types of vessels
  • What nationalities are the sailors in our database? Our database mainly includes candidates from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, as well as from the other CIS countries and from all over the world
  • Do you check the language proficiency of seafarers? Yes, each candidate takes a preliminary language proficiency test.

Contact information

  • Phone numbers 8 (8512) 691588 / +79996452809
  • Email
  • Skype CrewServices
  • Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber +7 (905) 363-95-88
  • Registered office 20D, General of the Army Epishev str., Astrakhan, Russia, 414024
Contact information