Extended Application Form database

The advanced CV database is available for shipping and crewing companies as a separate service on the website Crewservices.ru, which contains 41 145 54 095 (+12 950) summary.

The company gets full access to the CVs and contacts of seafarers to communicate with seafarers by email, phone or via an internal chat on the website.

Benefits of Extended Access

Access to 54 095 Application Forms
Contacts of all Application Forms are open
Saves your time
Precise recruitment
Convenient interface
Filter and sort by multiple parameters
Quick view of a CV in a pop-up window
Filter and sorting by multiple fields in Application Form

Advanced Database page

Advanced CV database

Features of the advanced database

  • The advanced database is faster, more convenient and more multifunctional than the "Seamen's Resume" section in the public part of the site.
  • Quick view of the seaman's CV in a pop-up window
    Clicking on the full name of the sailor will quickly open his CV in a window that displays all the CV data, contacts, general documents, certificates and work experience.
  • Additional filters are enabled on the page of the advanced CV database:
    "Position", "Work experience on the types of ships", "River diploma", "Visa", "Level of English", "Country", "City", "Phone number", "Age", "Keyword".
    Recruitment is faster, easier, more accurate, more convenient.
  • Statuses of CVs in the list
    Icons in the resume list will show you the date of viewing, the status of placement in Favorites, notes left.
  • Document verification
    In the seaman's CV all expired documents will be highlighted in color in order to pay attention to it in time.

Price-list for Extended Access

PeriodPrice (RUB)
1 week1000
1 month2990
3 months8970 8432 (-6%)
6 months17940 16146 (-10%)
1 year35880 30498 (-15%)

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