Preparing for Delta Test 3.0 Online

Preparing for Delta Test 3.0 Online

Delta version
Delta test 3.0
Passing method
Personal presence in the Delta Test room / Online (remotely)

Delta class is located in Astrakhan, General Epishev str., 20D, 2nd floor

If you can't physically attend a Delta class, you can pass the Delta Test 3.0 online (remotely).

Our website presents a licensed version of the 'Delta-test' program, which gives you the opportunity to prepare qualitatively for testing in the 'training' mode, or pass a trial exam remotely (online).

'Delta-test' is a software and information product that includes all the questions from the program for testing and evaluating the knowledge of seafarers, for confirming the qualifications of seafarers in the diploma departments of Sea Port Administrations, for obtaining a working diploma or a qualification certificate for ordinary specialists.

Access to online testing 'Delta test 3.0'

CrewServices Delta Test 3.0

To provide access to the Delta test 3.0 Online (2021)
send us a request, so that we can contact you.

or contact us via our phone number
+7 (917) 080-70-22

Our service allows you to prepare for the test on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. After buying temporary package, user receives instruction, link to the test, login and password for online access to Delta-test.

You are offered two Delta test modes:

-'Training mode' - preparing for the test for your qualification online. We provide access to a program where you can view all the questions that are available according to your position. Each question is given the correct answer and links to regulatory documents. Thus, you work through each question, memorize, photograph, make a summary. Training in the mode of the Delta Test significantly increases your chances of passing the exam, according to statistics, it can be up to 90%.

-'Exam mode' is an online test with the output of the result as a percentage. This service simulates the exam in Maritime Qualification Commission in port and gives you the result of your training.

База данных тестовых заданий Дельта-теста 3.0 (Конвенция Плюс) 2021:

  • Капитан / Master
  • Старший помощник капитана
  • Вахтенный помощник капитана
  • Капитан прибрежного плавания
  • Старший помощник капитана прибрежного плавания
  • Вахтенный помощник капитана прибрежного плавания
  • Капитан прибрежного плавания судов валовой вместимостью менее 500 рт
  • Вахтенный помощник капитана / Officer on watch (OOW)
  • Вахтенный матрос / OS
  • Квалифицированный матрос / AB Seaman
  • Старший механик / Chief Engineer
  • Второй механик / 2nd Engineer
  • Вахтенный механик
  • Старший механик судов с главной двигательной установкой менее 3000 кВт
  • Второй механик судов с главной двигательной установкой менее 3000 кВт
  • Механик судов с главной двигательной установкой менее 750 кВт
  • Вахтенный моторист / Oiler
  • Квалифицированный моторист
  • Старший электромеханик / Chief
  • Электромеханик / ETO

Скриншоты тестовых заданий Дельта-теста 3.0 (Конвенция Плюс):